Our Beginnings...

It all started with one couple who needed a LOT of coffee

"One... Two... Three"
It's the iconic countdown that symbolizes the anticipation of an impending adrenaline rush - cliff jumping, skydiving, big air ski jumping, or just racing your friend to the end of the street. "One. Two. Three. GO!". 
By all means, it signifies the anticipation of FUN that is about to happen. 
But for Melinda and Jason Barry of Meridian, it symbolized something much more adrenaline (and fear) inducing than the activities mentioned above - it represented a doctor counting the little flickering heartbeats seen on their prenatal ultrasound (triplets). 
In only a few short months after that ultrasound they were blessed with the 24/7 non-stop feedings and diaper changes that is involved with having 3 babies at once. It's safe to say that they experienced a level of fatigue like never before....
But thankfully, they had coffee.
Through heavy eyelids, they were to gain a whole new affinity for the ground beans of caffeinated goodness that filled their cups. Those beans were to become their lifeblood; the juice that sustained them through the months of no sleep, gave them comfort while living amongst a small tribe of tantrumming toddlers, and kept them alert while protecting explorative little einstiens who seemingly attempted to test the hypothesis of their own mortality on a daily basis. 
As more and more cups of black gold were poured into their cups, they began to recognize good coffee from bad coffee. They began to take note of how coffee that was freshly roasted tasted so much better than the junk that sat on store shelves or that came in way too big of packages (and ended up sitting on their own pantry shelf for longer than it should). 
Their refined taste for fresh coffee (and lots of it) led them to start Boise Coffee Company so that they could share their love of fresh coffee with their neighbors.


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